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“4SunEngery is an excellent partner in business. A pleasure to work with, quick-moving, and makes the whole process easy and immediately implementable”

Michael Ferguson
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4SunEngery, Clean Energy Solution

Developing Energy Star-rated workforce housing with solar energy through the participation of communities for transforming the energy system. . Community energy initiatives towards renewable energy (RE) technologies,  cheaper, efficient, and more attractive to be adopted.

Energy-Efficient Housing

4Sun Energy Corporation incorporates techniques, appropriate appliances that contribute to energy saving and improvement of energy efficiency. It reduces the amount of energy required to meet the daily needs of a household.

Affordable Multi-Family Housing

We develop, finance, and operate affordable housing. Involved in large-scale construction projects overcoming the complexity of the new technologies through residents’ awareness/motivation schemes for solar component integrated multi-family housing projects.

Solar Carport System

Solar carports are not only of interest for private customers but also for companies, shopping centers, and communes. With the continued rise in electricity costs and no land costs, car parks are an excellent location for renewable energy. 

Federal Tax Credit

Conveying the message of prevailing solar investment tax credit (ITC) that can be claimed on federal residential and federal corporate income taxes for a certain percentage of the cost of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system.


4Sun Engery and ERH,Inc to Develop Solar Affordable Housing. As America moves towards renewable energy sources, 4Sun Engery and ERH, Inc, have entered into a joint venture agreement to construct Engery efficient solar-powered affordable housing.  The business model will utilize solar power for the office, common areas, and outdoor lighting. The parking will be designed with electric vehicle charging stations for 25 percent of the parking spots. Additionally, each apartment will be designed to allow for full conversation to solar power as the industry further matures.  4Sun Engery President, Eugene Hampton says that long term this model will reduce rising Energy costs and save our environment.

Sustainable and Affordable Living Situations.

We are committed to providing comprehensive advice and future-proof solutions based on expert knowledge and state-of-the-art technology. Leveraging our project experience, a solid business case, and a realistic solar resource assessment secures an accurate picture of project expectations. In addition to building large projects, we ensure expert planning, engineering, and Project Management services throughout the entire project life-cycle. 

Proving State-of-the-art Solar Resource Assessments, measurements, strategic management consulting, and special services for entering new markets. The ultimate mission is to ensure sustainable and affordable living situations for the housing industry to integrate consumers independently of their income and access to capital.  

End-to-End Project Management.


Reliable and innovative partner in the renewable energy industry

Full-scope project development, to engineering, procurement, and construction, to long-term operations and maintenance.

Experience the benefits with…

  • We maximize investment returns through our network of market-leading technologies and partners
  • Our strong financial position allows us to take not only early-stage project risk but also to directly support the full investment needs of a project
  • We aim to address a wide range of sustainability aspects for society, the economy, and the environment. 
  • Complete support from initial development and planning studies through to front-end design, project management, and commissioning. 

Renewable Energy and Cleaner Technologies

We have a diverse portfolio of multi-storied building construction and engagement in the energy sector where we have helped identify, establish, and minimize risks for our clients.

  • We are committed to a sustainable future and offer our clients complete and tailored solutions for all aspects of their projects, be they large-scale energy plants, smaller on-site facilities, or retrofitting and efficiency programs.
  • Feasibility Studies, Project Resource Assessments, Technology Evaluations, Preliminary, Front-End, and Detailed Engineering, Advanced Energy Simulations, Owner’s Engineer, Third-Party Due Diligence, Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management, Construction Supervision, Environmental Assessments, and Permitting, Energy Management and more…

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Managed Energy Program and Affordable Multi-Family Housing.

4SunEngery Corporation works closely from strategy to implementation to ensure your desired outcomes are achieved.