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Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar

Solar panels on a sunny day with a good number of sun hours generate enough power to meet the energy needs of a single house quite easily even if the system is not so big. In the US, the most used size of the solar system is 6.6kW and 7kW. But there is one way you can get even more power and money as well i.e. by the use of an even bigger-sized solar system. 15kW system is best in this regard as it can meet the energy needs of your business as well where electricity consumption is more.
All you need to do is look at the space required to install a 15kW system on the roof of your house, your budget, and the expected amount of energy generated by this size of the solar system.

Selecting the Suitable Orientation

One of the factors that can help you reduce energy costs is the suitable orientation of the solar panels you use. If these panels are facing West, they’ll generate more electricity after midday which can be used later. On the other hand, the panels facing East generate more electricity during the first quarter of the day which you can use in the morning for all the appliances which require more electricity.
The most important part is that the US Government has made solar even more affordable by providing people with solar rebates. So, it’s easy now for almost everyone in the US to install solar panels in order to save energy costs and to utilize natural resources even if they aren’t home much.
All these factors ensure that solar is worth it and can maximize your savings even if you’re not home much during the day.

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Start saving with SOMAH!

California’s Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH) program benefits you and your tenants by offsetting the cost of installing solar energy on your building. Contact a California GRID affiliate to learn how you can take advantage of this opportunity.

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