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Operations & Maintenance

Solar Farm Maintenance (O&M)

Quality solar system operations and maintenance are crucial for optimum electricity generation and project profitability. Cutting corners can decrease energy output, create warranty issues and decrease the project’s return on investment.

Why is Solar O&M Important?

At 4SunEnergy, we understand that operations and management are essential for the success of solar farms and commercial installations alike. Determining if a project is producing within contracted power performance guarantees adequate power yields. Actively reviewing monitoring data and performing solar panel inspections helps prevent more extensive failures. Prompt action to correct issues is critical throughout the lifespan of the project.

Unfortunately, lower-priced O&M contracts often exclude corrective maintenance, despite being crucial for solar farm performance. This can often lead to inferior results, such as higher maintenance costs and extended downtime.

4SunEnergy Operations & Maintenance Services

4SunEnergy provides comprehensive solar system operations and maintenance services throughout Woodlands and Tennessee. Our specialty is small-scale solar farms and commercial systems. We have the in-house expertise to analyze data and utilize aerial thermal imaging to determine if a solar panel’s temperature signature indicates an issue. We rapidly pinpoint and correct potential breakdowns.

Our services include rapid issue identification and resolutions to maximize solar electricity generation, equipment inspection, and comprehensive project reporting. Our services also include preventative maintenance to maximize output. We follow best practices in solar farm inspection protocols and maintenance, and we utilize aerial thermal imaging techniques to maximize efficiencies and effectiveness. 

When issues arrive, our expert solar technicians respond promptly to minimize production losses from downtime. Our goal is to lower the cost of ownership while maximizing energy generation.

Our O&M Offerings Include:

  • Solar Energy System Monitoring
  • System Checkups and Inspections
  • Aerial thermal imaging (FLIR) 
  • Inverter Servicing
  • Wear & Tear Repairs
  • Monthly electricity output reports
  • Repair Trackers
  • Inverter Servicing
  • Monitoring System Calibration

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