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PV System Design

PV System Design

PV System Design

Maximize the Solar PV Potential of Your Roof

Solar Panels have proved to be the best and most efficient way to cope with the increasing energy costs and it’s an equal opportunity for everyone around the world to take benefit of the energy coming from the sun. All you need to do is to spend some money on the installation of panels along with the batteries and forget about energy costs for the rest of your life.
The three most important strategies are mentioned below for you to improve the potential of your roof.

• Use Panels of Higher Watts

If you use panels that have higher power output per unit area, you will ultimately get more power and hence you will be able to meet your home’s energy requirements and you can use that power for other purposes too. This will also improve the PV Potential of your roof. Choose the length and width of panels along with their sizes suitably so that you may get the most out of the panels.

• Think of a Carport Solution

Creating a whole new structure to place your panels is one of the best ways to maximize the PV potential of your roof especially if you are into a commercial project. This structure is quite cost-effective and will let you get more space to place your panels which will ultimately increase the power output. The carport must be angled in a way that panels get maximum sunlight.

• Creating More Space to Install More Panels

Just place the panels according to a specific pattern and in accordance with the sunlight and sun hours. In this way, you’ll get some additional space to install more panels which will be beneficial for you as you can get maximum power output. Hence, you must have more panels working effectively in order to improve the PV Potential of your roof.

How to Make Your Panels Work Efficiently?

Correct orientation of the panels as well as the suitable environment having more sunlight and lesser to moderate temperatures are the most favorable conditions for the panels to perform well enough. Tilt angle is another key factor in this regard. So, once you think of installing these panels, just take a look at all the required things and then act accordingly. This is the only way for you to make your panels work brilliantly.

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Start saving with SOMAH!

California’s Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH) program benefits you and your tenants by offsetting the cost of installing solar energy on your building. Contact a California GRID affiliate to learn how you can take advantage of this opportunity.

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