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Repairs & Troubleshooting

Solar energy systems are designed to produce clean electricity for decades. Unfortunately, extreme weather or equipment failure can decrease energy output.  If issues arise, it is crucial to remedy them so your system runs at peak performance. Repairs and troubleshooting are vital to your solar energy system output.

When we install a solar system on your home or business, we include system monitoring (unless internet service is unavailable). This allows us to troubleshoot issues before they have a significant impact on your total system output. We also provide a 10-year warranty on our labor in addition to solar panel and inverter warranties. 

How do I know if my solar panels are working?

Many solar system owners look at their electric bills to determine if their system is producing properly. Unfortunately, this is not an accurate way to gather information.

Utility bills can be confusing because they only show how much electricity your system supplied to the electric grid and not the total power your system produced. Utility bills also show how much electricity you pulled from the power grid but not your total energy consumption. This is because your home or business first consumes the solar power (behind the meter) and then pulls it from the grid as needed. 

PV system monitoring provides a wealth of useful information on how your solar panels and inverters are functioning. Most monitoring systems can provide panel-level, historical, and real-time data. This data can also help with troubleshooting and pinpointing needed PV repairs.

Our team is experienced in all aspects of solar panel repairs and system monitoring. If your solar panels need repairs or troubleshooting, we are happy to identify and solve the issue right away. When you need to replace your roof, we can remove the solar panels and reinstall them after the roof work has been completed.

Solar System Repairs Throughout Woodlands and Beyond

Even if we didn’t install your panels, we are happy to help get your system running at peak performance. We also work with solar panel and inverter manufacturers to get replacement parts that are under warranty, saving money. Our goal is to make the solar system repair process as simple and affordable as possible.

Our solar repair technicians are experienced in working on systems with string inverters, microinverters, solar batteries, and tracking systems. Our broad knowledge base for residential and commercial systems makes repairs and troubleshooting a breeze.  

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