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GRID Alternatives is a mission-driven nonprofit solar installer with an innovative workforce development and community engagement model that integrates job training and tenant engagement into every aspect of our work. We make multifamily solar easy for affordable housing developers, tenants owners and operators.

Our Expertise

  • Portfolio-wide solar and financial analysis
  • Resyndication and rehab planning
  • Custom-tailored solar financing options
  • Workforce development programming
  • Tenant and community engagement programming

Our Services

GRID Alternatives is a fully licensed* solar contractor. We provide cost-competitive solar installation for affordable housing in areas where we have a presence, using a unique community engagement model that includes:

  • Complete, no-cost portfolio assessment, including solar suitability, system sizing, savings estimates and identifying gap funding
  • Evaluation of energy efficiency and battery storage options
  • Support to make your new developments “Solar Ready”
  • Permitting, utility interconnection, and identification and capture of rebates
  • Full service solar installation with integrated job training
  • Deep community engagement, including workforce development and energy efficiency education for tenants

Experience you can trust

For over 15 years, GRID Alternatives has provided technical assistance and in-house solar design and installation services to affordable housing providers, city and county government agencies, and Native American tribes across the country. Our work includes directly securing funding and providing siting for solar projects with partners like NeighborWorks America affiliate organizations and housing authorities, as well as direct management of California’s $162 million Single-Family Affordable Solar Homes Program and the Department of California Services and Development’s $14 million Low Income Weatherization Program.

Get Started

Reach out to the GRID office in your region to learn more:

Special thanks to The JPB Foundation for its generous support of our technical assistance services, and to Goldman Sachs for helping launch our multifamily program in 2014.

*GRID Alternatives is a fully licensed solar contractor. Click here for a list of our current licenses.

Start saving with SOMAH!

California’s Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH) program benefits you and your tenants by offsetting the cost of installing solar energy on your building. Contact a California GRID affiliate to learn how you can take advantage of this opportunity.

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