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Solar Power for Multifamily

Solar Power for Multifamily

Solar Power for Multifamily

Solar Power for Multi-family Apartment Building: Best Size, Cost and Benefits of Solar System

The top reason people are going solar is to save money. A solar energy system can virtually eliminate your electricity bills. When the sun is shining, your home or business will use energy from your solar panels instead of from the power company.
Excess electricity is fed to the utility grid, and you receive credits on your bill. At night or during cloudy weather, your home or business pulls power from the grid and you can use your excess credits. During our long cooling season, you can use solar energy to save money while staying cool.
Solar panels on a sunny day with a good number of sun hours generate enough power to meet the energy needs of a single house quite easily even if the system is not so big. Solar power is making our lives easier by keeping things really simple. You just need to install solar panels to generate electricity while batteries will make sure that the power generated by panels is stored properly in order to be used later at any time.

The reason is that sun is providing us with enough energy at any instant to meet our energy requirements easily. Solar panels are therefore helping us in converting this energy to power. You just need to ensure that you’ve installed them properly.

You may have heard about feed-in tariffs. They work in a way that your panels keep generating power and when it becomes more than enough for your usage, you can transport the additional part of it to national grid for which you’re given the required amount.

All you need to do is look at the space required to install a bigger-sized solar system such as 15kW system at the roof of your house, your budget and expected amount of energy generated by this size of solar system. Let’s take a look at these factors to see if this is a good idea to install a solar system for your multi-family apartment building.

Number of Panels and Space Required for a Multi-family Apartment Building

Since 15kW Solar System is of a bigger size, it’ll surely need more number of panels. In the US, the number of panels required are 45-55 and the space required will be in the range of 75-100m2. However, the range of space is due to the wattage of installed solar panels. This indicates that a 15kW system won’t be a good idea for most homes until and unless the panels are ground-mounted.

Cost and Output of a 15kW Solar System

USA is one of those countries where the installation cost is very less due to the subsidies provided by the government and the increase in number of users. The average price for the installation of a 15kW solar system is almost $1.15/watt. However, these prices vary from one state to the other. Given below is the table showing the cost of 15kW solar system.

Yearly Cost


















The power output of a 15kW solar system mainly depends on the orientation as well as the tilt angle of panels. Operating temperature is another important parameter for the panels to work efficiently. So, all these factors must be taken care of in order for the panels to work efficiently.

Benefits of Solar System Installation

Solar panels don’t only help you get energy but also prove to be cost-effective. You can maximize your savings but you’ll have to spend the required amount on the installation of these panels first. Since the entire world has just been hit by a pandemic which hasn’t only affected the health of people but has also brought the energy prices to a new high. Most people are unable to afford these prices which is why solar is a better option for them.

Apart from that, the US government is insisting people on installing these panels because this is the only way to lessen the burden on national grid. For that purpose, subsidies have been given to common people who cannot afford to pay the capital cost of solar panels’ installation. A few policies have also been made in this regard just for the benefit of common people. Hence, installing solar panels is getting easier day by day. Also, you can get more return on investment in this regard which is what you actually want.

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