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Utility-Scale Solar

Utility-Scale Solar

Utility-Scale Solar

Utility-Scale Solar Installations

Grid-connected solar systems are best for businesses in a way that, if the panels aren’t generating as much power as required, they can import electricity from Mains Power for a very small amount. However, if the power generated is more than required, they can export the additional power and they’ll be paid in return.
The use of renewable energy is beneficial in many ways which are why the government offers subsidies to such users. So, a house or business relying on an 8.5kW solar system can save no less than 70% of the amount on capital investment which is too much if we compare it with the price of electricity taken from the grid and 4Sun Energy Corporation will help them do that.
According to the stats, people are getting attracted to the installation of solar panels more and more which is surely a positive sign. The reason is that solar prices are decreasing day by day to make people use this cleaner source of energy and that’s also the reason why the government is offering subsidies. Not only on the federal level, but state governments also have a huge credit to offer which makes it easy for families and business owners to install 5kW or 6kW solar systems at home.
You don’t have to pay any solar installation company and then get the lease via cash from the government. The government pays to those firms directly and you get a discounted price when you go to buy panels to install them on your roof. So, this makes it easy for you to arrange the amount to start using this natural source of energy.

Is Solar Power Beneficial in terms of Finances?

This mainly depends on the sun hours per day on your roof, the tilt angle of panels as well as their direction. If the panels are not getting the required sunlight, they won’t produce as much power as they are supposed to produce. So, all these factors will decide whether or not solar is going to be beneficial for you in financial terms.

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At 4Sun Energy Corporation, we’re committed to offering the best solar installations to our customers alongside some maintenance support.
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Start saving with SOMAH!

California’s Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH) program benefits you and your tenants by offsetting the cost of installing solar energy on your building. Contact a California GRID affiliate to learn how you can take advantage of this opportunity.

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